• Complete Packaging Solutions

    Complete Packaging Solutions

    Eson Pac Group develops, produces and delivers complete packaging solutions to customers who put focus on their packaging and value a closer cooperation. The packaging solution is designed to help sell and protect your product. Our packaging range includes: Cartons, leaflets, booklets, labels and multipage labels, as well as complementary articles and services.

    We work in close cooperation with global, regional and local companies within industries such as cosmetics & personal care, healthcare, food & drink, chemical/agrochemical, automotive and the production industry. Our worthy challenge is to become the leading partner of complete packaging solutions in Europe

  • Cartons

    Complete your product packaging with a carton, perhaps enhanced with foil, unique holograms, braille, or a special tamper evident opening.


  • Leaflets & Booklets

    Leaflets and booklets provide a practical option when you have a large amount of information and need to include table of contents, instructions and various languages to comply with legal requirements.

    Leaflets & Booklets

  • Labels & Multi-Labels

    Use labels to identify and trace your product, to secure it, to inform and as well enhance your brand and make your product stand out on the product shelf.

    Labels & Multi-Labels

  • Complementary services for packaging

    We offer services related to all types of packaging within areas such as packaging design and artwork, packaging development, security and logistic solutions, e-solutions such as VMI/SMI, etc.

    Complete the solution

  • Special packaging design

    We look at your needs and total cost perspective and from this we offer a great variety of special design functions, materials and printing methods for you to individualise your product packaging in the most suitable and efficient way.

    Complete the solution