Fault report

Use the form below to report faults of a printer, applicator and other parts of a solution for Print & Apply or labelling, that has been delivered by Eson Pac.

When you return a machine for servicing it is important to remember the following:

  • Include labels and ink ribbons, preferably in their original box. It is important that labels and ink ribbons are not left in the machine during transport 
  • Pack the machine well for transport,
    and label it for Service
  • Send the machine to
    Eson Pac Sweden AB
    Persbogatan 4
    SE-265 38 Åstorp, SWEDEN
  • Always attach a printout of the
    fault report form when sending
    a machine to Eson Pac for servicing:
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Machine service

Machine service ex SIS in Scandinavia
(labels and labelling machines)


+46 200 76 11 10 for Sweden
+45 41 71 700 for Denmark
+47 69 12 79 79 for Norway

Machine service ex SIS in Europe
(labels and labelling machines)

+41 61 756 22 11