Automotive Industry

Apart from inner and outer packaging in carton and corrugated paperboard, we offer the automotive industry a wide range of labels and labelling equipment for print, application and identification of labels. The wide product offer in combination with knowledgeable staff who can also install labeling machinery, integrate it into existing systems and offer a full service package can lower your total cost.

With special adhesives and materials we find label solutions for the most challenging environments and make sure that the important information subject to e.g. large temperature variations, mechanic wear and tear or corrosives is not lost.  

If you need a labelling solution for  goods going to large companies such as Volvo, we know which combinations of labels, printers and ribbons that make the delivery accepted without delay. We have knowledge of bar codes and RFID.

Some popular solutions:

  • Outer and inner packaging in carton and corrugated
  • Printed and unprinted labels
  • Labels in special materials, for all parts of the vehicle
  • Printed machine fronts / panels in PC and PET
  • Security labels
  • Multipage labels
  • Label printers, ribbons and dispensers, stand-alone or part of a system
  • Service of labelling machines
  • Bar codes and scanners
  • Information leaflets
  • Packing materials
  • Contract packing
  • Cardboard shop displays


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