Chemical Industry & Agrochemical Industry

Eson Pac offers the chemical industry packaging solutions, labels and labelling equipment. Labels with special materials and adhesives protect important information against exceptional conditions such as large temperature variations, mechanical wear and tear or corrosives.

We have helped many customers come up with new labels in accordance with legal requirements, e.g. REACH or CLP marking. We also offer the latest label printers able to print out warning symbols according to the new legislation. 

If you have a comprehensive language or information requirement we can make your labelling process more efficient with the help of multipage labels or leaflets with extra space. 

Some products we supply:

  • Outer and inner packaging in carton or corrugated paperboard
  • Printed and unprinted labels
  • Security labels
  • Multipage labels
  • Information leaflets
  • Label printers, ribbons and dispensers, stand-alone or part of a system
  • Service of labelling machines  
  • Bar codes and scanners
  • Packing materials
  • Cardboard shop displays
  • Contract packing