Leaflets & Booklets

Leaflets and booklets provide a practical option when you have a large amount of information and need to include table of contents, instructions and various languages to comply with legal requirements.

We develop and produce leaflet and booklet constructions, to deliver your packaging solution according to your specifications and requirements. Your leaflet and booklet design could be on roll, flat-packed or folded and perhaps in moisture secured wrapped packages and glued for ultimate control throughout your packaging process. Added features such as code identification, provide you with optimal security and avoid mix-ups in production.

We start by printing the leaflets in up to 8 colours, on both sides of the paper, in our modern printing set-up, where inline code readings are possible. We also offer digitally printed leaflets for varied print and smaller volumes.

The folding process is completed in different types of machines depending on the format or number of folds. We deliver your leaflets and booklets according to your needs and requirements; wrapped in plastic or packaged in cases, sealed with glue or a label, etc.