Print & Apply
labelling system

Eson Pac forms, supplies and services you customized labelling system to print, apply and capture information required.

The solution can be a cost-efficient, stand-alone system or integrated in a complex network and built into an existing production environment. Not only do we provide a wide range of reliable printers, dispensers and scanners in every well-known technology, we also have more than 100 years combined experience in making them work together and communicate to each other and other external systems.

Machine Service & Support

Sverige   0200 76 11 10
(inom Sverige)
Danmark +45 41 71 70 24
Norge   +47 69 12 79 79 

To send a machine for servicing, please do as follows:

  • Fill out and attach a printout of the fault report form
  • Always include labels and ink ribbons! However, it is important that labels or ink ribbons are not left in the machine during transport as the machine may be damaged.
  • Pack the machine well, label it Service and send it to:
    Eson Pac Sweden AB
    Persbogatan 4
    SE-265 38 Åstorp, SWEDEN