New regulations for some industries mean that e.g. folding cartons and labels must include Braille. Braille dots must be raised enough to be read at the same time as the label or carton must not be broken. As braille standards differ depending on authority and label/packaging and different materials call for different techniques, you need a reliable and experienced partner with a high level of quality and innovation.

Let Eson Pac help you find the optimal functionality and optical characteristics for your Braille label or carton. We have our own machinery for uv-varnished Braille dots on labels and emboss Braille dots onto cartons in the die-cutting part of our own machinery for the ultimate process efficiency.

Thanks to our work with clients in the healthcare and chemical industries, we have knowledge of Braille characteristics, general directives and other common influences. Let us give you advice on the ideal technique, material and layout for your Braille text.