Barcodes and RFID

Need to trace and identify products in a faster and more reliable way? Both barcodes and RFID can used for data capture, depending on your task.

Bar codes are evolving, and a 1 cm 2D code can hold 80 alpha numeric characters. RFID allows you to read multiple codes simultaneously. You can identify bulk or individual items with automatic data capture units, even at long distance and in rough conditions.

The data capture technology has developed, the cost of components dropped and the functionality increased. Eson Pac follows the trends and with our knowledge and experience you can be sure to choose the right technology. We look at your total cost perspective and offer everything from the simple bar codes to cutting-edge RFID technology.

We offer labels with integrated RFID tags, printers equipped with suitable software to print bar codes or fill RFID tags with information and scanners to check and read them. You only need one partner to make your complete data capture solution work, and our service organisation helps you with advice, installation, support and maintenance.

Service & Support

Sweden +46 200 76 11 10
Denmark +45 41 71 70 24
Norway +47 69 12 79 79 

To send a machine for servicing, please do as follows:

  • Fill out and attach a printout of the fault report form
  • Always include labels and ink ribbons! However, it is important that labels or ink ribbons are not left in the machine during transport as the machine may be damaged.
  • Pack the machine well, label it Service and send it to:
    Eson Pac Sweden AB
    Persbogatan 4
    SE-265 38 Åstorp, SWEDEN

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