Foil and metallic effects

Use foil and metallic effects for a powerful way to indicate exclusivity to your customers and make your labels outshine the rest. Technology improvements mean increased possibilities in both material & print technology, allowing you to create an individual look for your packaging. Additionally metallic effects can be difficult to fake and copy, enhancing product security.

There are different ways to achieve ‘the foil advantage’; the main techniques are flatbed or rotary hot stamping and rotary cold foil application. Eson Pac has many years experience in both hot and cold foil, depending on the product. In the carton production we offer hot stamping, but also many materials that have a metallic feel to them that we can print traditionally for a similar effect. In the label production we offer mostly cold foil but can also print on a wide variety of foil such as red metals or yellow metals and print digitally on top of your foil to achieve your own individual metallic hue.