Holograms and 3D imagery

Let your customers be touched by holographic 3D imagery. Although mostly used as a design feature, the feeling that a hologram or 3D effect will give your customer is that of a quality seal. As it is difficult to fake and copy it also enhances product security, making it useful for both anti-counterfeiting and differentiation purposes.

Holograms and 3D effects have developed and Eson Pac has followed the trend so you can be sure to choose the right solution. We can supply your labels with many different types of holographic effects, either by printing directly onto a standard hologram material or inserting an individual and customized hologram that you have the full control and ownership of. Thanks to our experience in the healthcare and automotive Industries, Eson Pac has in-depth knowledge of all kinds of security solutions and what it means managing them in production, including secure storage and separate waste containers.


There are other easy ways to achieve 3D effects through, for instance, dome and debossing labelling. With thick layers of laminate, a crystal clear surface gives your image a magnifying effect.