Security solutions

A security solution can function as an anti-counterfeiting measure of your packaging or as a proof that your product has not been opened or tampered with in any way. But it can also be a smart childproof packaging construction, or the opposite, packaging that is especially easy to open.

Protecting yourself with a security solution that allows you and your clients to identify and verify the authenticity of a product can be well worth the money. The solution can either be made easily recognized or invisible to the naked eye. Every Eson Pac security solution is unique and often a combination of a variety of coding techniques including random numbers, special inks, luminescence, holograms, micro text/taggants or special constructions such as particular die-cutting.

Labels that have special durability requirements, such that they for example have to withstand extreme wear and tear can also be useful for security purposes. Special materials, adhesives, ink and varnishes can make your label extra durable.

We also have many years experience of childprooof and senior friendly carton constructions. Read more under Design, materials and printing methods.