Quality, Environment & Hygiene

Our six production sites fulfill quality and hygiene requirements from different customer segments and are certified according to different standards. In all product areas we have at least two production sites to ensure a high delivery precision and the security of your supply.

We constantly develop and improve our quality- environmental- and hygiene systems and processes. This is done through yearly internal and external audits.

We offer products of high quality, produced according to carefully managed and standardized processes to secure your requirements. ISO 9001 and 14001 form the basis of our management system, and this has been supplemented by PS 9000, ISO/TS 16949 and applicable requirements of BRC. This in order to fulfill customer specific requirements within Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Food industry.

Our Certificates

Our ISO 14001 certificate forms the basis of our environmental work. We have continuous improvement activities to reduce our environmental impact such as optimization of the materials we use and to minimize waste. 












ISO9001 Quality Management ISO9001 Quality Management


ISO14001 Environmental Management ISO14001 Environmental Management


ISO/TS16949 Quality Management Automotive Production  








We don’t just think about the environment
– we act!

We transfer our environmental demands on to our suppliers to ensure that our combined environmental impact is minimized.
Thanks to our support as a member of WWFs Corporate Business Club, WWF can continue its efforts to conserve biodiversity, reduce pollution and wasteful consumption and promote the sustainable use of renewable natrual resources.