VDA label for KLT box

A KLT box is specialized for the VDA standard industry, such as the automotive industry. According to the VDA standard all KLT boxes must be labelled with a VDA transport label (VDA: Verband der Automobilindustrie).
Eson Pac has knowledge and experience from several customer cases; among others the Scania project "VDA Transport Label (VDA 4902 version 4) for KLT packaging" where we deliver a complete labelling solution with a VDA label for a KLT box incl printing equipment, as stated below.
Eson Pac develops, produces and delivers solutions for print and application as well as spare parts, accessories and possibilities for good service agreement. For quesitons and further information you are welcome to contact Roger Idoffsson; phone no. +46 70 258 18 07.
Printer alternative no. 1:
VDA printer by Zebra
Article no MT23042-T0E200FZ

Approx. 300 VDA labels per day


8 dots (203 dpi), ZPL, Thermal Transfer, USB and Internal ZebraNet PrintServer 10/100

Liner width         4.33" (110 mm)
Width                   4.09" (104 mm)

Printer alternative no. 2:
VDA printer by Zebra
Article no. M10500-200E0071
Capacity More than 300 VDA labels per day
Description Memory 2Mb + 750kb Flash, Printer head 203 dpi, ZPL, Black Mark sensor, Internal Printserver 10/100
Liner width 4.52" (115 mm)
Width 4.09" (104 mm)

Ribbon for printer by Zebra:
Article no. Li674-08001
Size 80 mm * 450 m
Packaging 10 pcs / box